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Audio Response System 

Audio Response System 1-800-399-4796

Audio Response puts your most-used credit union transactions at your fingertips without ever leaving your home or office.

Audio Response gives you immediate access to account information and lets you complete many financial transactions with just a touch of a button. Using the automated telephone system is convenient, error-free and completely confidential.

A voice-automated teller will talk you through each menu-driven transaction by the numbers. First-time callers can use a "help" directory, and experienced callers can key ahead for faster service.

Using Audio Response, you get a whole range of transactions in minutes, right from your home, office, or car phone. In service 22 hours a day, seven days a week (system goes off-line between 12:00 midnight and 2:00 a.m. daily). Audio Response delivers your account information and transaction requests clearly and accurately.

Account Access Menu

Quick Check

Press 1

Balances are automatically given for Savings and Checking

Listing of most recent Savings transactions

Press 2

Listing of most recent Checking transactions

Press 3

To transfer funds from Savings to Checking

Press 4

To transfer funds from Checking to Savings

Press 5

Account Inquires

Press 2

Account balances

Press 1

Account histories

Press 2

Checks and IRA information

Press 3

Financial Transactions

Press 3

Transfer funds between accounts

Press 1

Make a credit card payment

Press 2

Withdraw funds by check

Press 3

Main Menu Options

Account Access

Press 1

Member Services

Press 2

Credit Union Information / Requests

Press 3

When the voice prompt indicates, enter your member account number and PIN.

Press the * key to return to the previous menu.

Wire Transfer

Wire Fees are for Outgoing Only

Domestic Wire $25.00
International Wire $45.00


  • For International wires, the financial Institution overseas need to first send the wire to a Financial Institution in the United States that they correspond. Once the wire is received by that bank in the United States, they can then use the instructions shown below.
  • All incoming wires received at Alloya are posted within an hour of receipt.


Receive Wire

Information needed to receive a Wire at Cooperative Choice Network Credit Union:

  • All funds need to be wired through the Federal Reserve to:
    Alloya Corporate Federal Credit Union
    184 Shuman Blvd Suite 400
    Naperville, IL 60563

    ABA/Routing Number: 271987635
  • Further credit to:
    Cooperative Choice Network Credit Union
    ABA/Routing Number: 271187642
  • Name, account number, and address for account receiving funds

Send Wire

Information needed to Send Wire to another Financial Institution:

  • Financial institution’s name, city and state, and phone number
  • Financial institution’s ABA/Routing Number (International wires to banks always need a Telex Number or Swift Code) ***
  • Name, address, and account number of wire beneficiary

For International wires, the Financial Institution overseas needs to first send the wire to a Financial Institution in the United States that they correspond. Once the wire is received by that bank in the United States, they can use the instructions shown above.


Additional Services

CCNCU also offers the following services and partnerships to all members:



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