Savings Accounts


Share Savings Account

Simply stated. Share Savings Accounts are credit union savings accounts. Share Savings Accounts offer an alternative to bank savings plans without all the extra fees or high balance requirements.

Membership in the credit union is established by depositing and maintaining at least $5.00 in this account. Dividends for Share Savings Accounts are compounded daily and paid monthly. Rates may vary due to market fluctuation.

All savings are insured up to $250,000 by the NCUA (National Credit Union Administration), a U.S. government agency

Sub-Share Savings Account

This account is a unique savings account that allows members to save for special events while earning the same dividends as the Share Savings Account.

The Sub-Share Account requires no minimum balance. 

This type of account is not accessible through an ATM.


Club Account

Christmas, Vacation and Tax Escrow accounts are convenient ways to save for the times of the year when extra money is needed.

Christmas Club Accounts earn monthly interest and are paid to members once a year in October. Vacation Club and Tax Escrow Accounts earn monthly interest and can be accessed anytime of the year without a penalty.

Deposits can be made easily at any time.
Closing the account or making an early withdrawal with result in a $5 penalty fee.



Health Savings Account (HSA)

We offer HSA savings or checking accounts with checks or debit card access. HSAs help members with their medical costs that participate in a high deductible health plan. Self-Coverage and Family Coverage plans are available.

The maximum contributions for 2020 are :

  • Self Coverage: $3,550
  • Family Coverage: $7,100

There are no fees associated with this type of account and the funds can be rolled over from year to year.

  • Possible Tax Free Distributions
  • Tax deferred earnings


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